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Welcome to the website of the Art Biennale 2009 award winning artist Richard Bourne. Find out more about his unique 'Canvas Music' style of abstract contemporary art where he invented a system to paint any song ever written, his 'Random Strategy' concepts that introduce the general public to partake in an active role in his pieces and other concepts.

You can also find out about his exhibitions, commissions and current news below including his new and revisited concepts for 2022 and introducing 'Secondary Drowning' inspired by Piet Mondrian.

Quick News:

  1. The updated Bourne Art website goes live August 2022 after a two month break.

  2. 2022 Bourne concept 'Secondary Drowning' revealed and inspired by Mondrian.

  3. Depeche Mode original book cover painting goes up for sale for the first time.

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August 2022. 'Secondary Drowning' is revealed as the new concept Bourne is currently working on for late 2022. ‘Secondary Drowning’, Bourne researched and conceived in 2020/2021 while recovering from illness and follows various principles of Piet Mondrian’s geometric pieces.
‘Secondary Drowning’, is a rare phenomena involving death by drowning outside of water.
The idea behind Bourne's ‘Secondary Drowning’ concept however, is that the art observer can become immersed and drown in the beauty of colour or more conclusively, to drown in the brilliance of the ‘Secondary Colours’ of orange, purple and green. Nevertheless, Bourne’s work goes off on a tangent from Piet Mondrian’s famous primary colour geometric abstract stylings in a substantial number of differing areas. See our new page on 'Secondary Drowning' (Inspired by Mondrian).
May 2022. 'Random Strategy Concept.' Bourne has mentioned that he will be revisiting the Random Stategy Concept and producing a number of new 'Random Strategy' paintings throughout 2022 based on his excellently received 'Random Strategy' series from 2009 to 2015.
In the initial 'Random Strategy' series, Bourne won the prestigious International Art Biennale Award for his 2.25 metre square painting ‘Live Life Connections’. This was a truly innovative idea and incorporated 68 people from Malta onto a 2.25 metre square canvas with each person randomly choosing their own square and colour from two respective pots which was then incorporated onto the canvas. Many other random pieces were designed including the 2014 award winning canvas, 'The Grey Area' seen below. This incorporated 130 people within the idea.

April 2022. Depeche Mode Original Book Cover Art for Sale

The 'Enjoy The Silence' Canvas Music painting by Bourne has been displayed at the Karl Haupt Art Studio in Cologne, Germany since 2019. Although available as a half sized limited edition print in 2020, this original one off painting as of August 2022 is available to purchase for the first time.
The Canvas Music to Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence' was the front cover art for the book 'Depeche Mode - Violator: The Ultimate A&R Guide'. This is the book that was released in late 2018 and published by Glamour Puss Publishing.

This unique acrylic art piece measures 115cm x 75cm. Please email for further details to

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