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A limited edition print run of 50 full colour signed and numbered art prints sized A4 will be available for all the Vector Stars that are shown above. Each print will be available for only €50 each plus postage. Please email us at for further details.

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The new book from acclaimed New Zealand tennis champion and renouned coach Neil McAffer titled 'Deep Down Inside' and puvlished in 2021will feature a number of 'Vector Stars' art pieces incorporated into the book. A self help guide for people in the world of sport this book looks into the benfits of mind manipulation and assesses the mind game strengths of tennis stars such as Djokavic, Federer, Nadal and Williams and also delves into other sports and sporting superstars.

The current vinyl album from 80s UK hitmaker Karel Fialka featuring the group Racecar features two Canvas Music mini prints. The prints which are only available with the limited edition vinyl version of a strictly limited 70 copies, feature one print 3" x 5" of Karel and one of Racecar. The vinyl is selling for €24 plus postage. for more information.

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Vector Stars Limited Prints Available to buy

Introducing Vector Stars

'Vector Stars' is the new 2020 concept from Richard Bourne. Initially conceived in 2018, the idea behind the 'Vector Stars' images was originally established through the WPAP medium invented in 1990 by Wedha Abdul Rasyid in Central Java in Indonesia.


Bourne explains 'I loved the uncharacteristic buoyancy in the early pieces from Wedha and this style of Pop Art I realised could be both dark and light. Once I understood why certain artists couldn't work particularly in this style, it crossed my mind that I had to develop a nucleus of subjects of people who would fit perfectly into the 'Vectors Stars' style, whether you loved them or loathed rhem. In essence it would not matter. Constructing the initial image was the most important aspect and that's where I realised so many artists had failed on before with the initial development of a piece. It's the closest concept I could find to the moving image and a cross pollinisation of photography, shade drawing, editing and art.


These images shout from the rooftops, the expression in them is pulverising. It feels as though they are actually alive. There are faint reminders of Kandinsky here and there. Undoubtedly, Andy Warhol would have adored them, without question.'

Vectors Stars A4 Limited Edition Signed Numbered Prints available to buy - See below.