'Random Strategy' and 'Canvas Music' Art Commissions

Random Strategy Commissions

Bourne made a series of 'Random Strategy' paintings between 2009 and 2015 including the 2009 Art Biennale Award Winning painting 'Live Life Connections' that incorporated the involvement of 68 members of the general public within the painting.

'88 Seconds in Xlendi Bay' 2014. Acrylic and Plastic on Canvas. This incorporated 88 people collaborating on the painting by choosing colours, numbers and counters at random from three distinct containers.

There are almost countless ways in which football clubs, sports clubs, associations, societies, families, pubs and bars, restaurants, churches, weddings etc can collaborate together with Bourne on a painting. There are almost endless variations on a theme, for example the fans of a music group can all contribute together on one painting. Bourne can advise you of the different ways these paintings can be assembled.

Canvas Music Commissions

Commission a unique painting by Richard Bourne of your favourite song whether by The Beatles, Eminem, Abba, Ed Sheeran, Iron Maiden, Kraftwerk or whoever floats your boat in the music world.

Via Bourne's pioneering 'Canvas Music' invention he is able to paint any song EVER written in any genre whether a huge hit single or an album track or some obscure B-side. As long as there is a recording available that Richard can work with then the sky is the limit. A great present for you or your partner, a family member or a friend would like and once painted you have acquired a unique and rare item.

You choose the artist! you choose the song! You choose the size of the canvas!

So far Canvas Music' paintings have ranged from a small canvas of 12cm across by 15cm high to a huge 4 metre long painting as seen in the photographs of the 2015 'Canvas Music' exhibition at the Ministry Halls in Victoria, Malta.

Please be aware that the larger the canvas, the longer duration the commission will take to be completed.

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